Expert system for Wi-Fi access points

For consumers:

1. Download our Android application (it is free). iPhone application is coming.

You can download SpotEx application right from Android market. Or if you are on Adnroid market right from mobile, search for com.spotex.

Alternatively, you can download this application right from our site. Here is QR-code for Android SpotEx client:

QR code test

2. Run this application.

3. See messages associated with nearby Wi-Fi networks.


4. You can play this game too and create your won personal info channel. Just open (create) access point on your phone. You do not need even to allow external users connect to it. You need only SSID (name) for you network.

5. Go to our service page and create your own messages for this network.

6. You can switch on/switch off your own network in order to make your messages available for mobile users. Your messages are surrounding your phone and follow to you.

And here you can download a free application for chatting with your Wi-Fi neighbors - WiFiChat