Expert system for Wi-Fi access points

About SpotEx:

SpotEx (Spot Expert) offers a new model for Wi-Fi usage: sensor that triggers delivering user generated messages.

SpotEx proposes a new model for delivering hyper-local data to mobile subscribers. Our model uses any exiting or especially created Wi-Fi hot spot as presence sensor that can open access for some user-generated content. In our approach we can describe hyper local data as info snippets that are valid (relevant) for mobile subscribers being at this moment nearby some Wi-Fi access point. And an appropriate mobile service (customized browser) can discover that information to mobile users. Service builds on the fly dynamic web pages and lets mobile subscribers to browse hyper-local data only. As the possible use-cases we can mention for example delivering news and deals in malls, news feeds for office centers and campuses, Smart City projects, personal classifieds etc.

What if we add the ability to describe some rules (if-then operators, or productions) to the Wi-Fi access points? We will need simply the fact that the particularly WiFi network is detected. And based on this conclusion we will deliver some user-defined messages to mobile terminals.

Note again, that we are talking only about the network detections. We are not going to connect mobile users to the detected networks and our offering does not touch security issues. We need only SSID for networks and any other public information. It is Wi-Fi proximity as a service.

Our service contains the following components:

  • database (store) with productions (rules) associated with WiFi networks
  • mobile application, that can detect Wi-Fi networks, check the current conditions against the database and execute productions (trigger rules that discovers messages for mobile users)
  • web and mobile web mobile applications for adding messages to Wi-Fi networks

You can read more in our article WiFi expert - context aware browsing

Here are our presentations from NGMAST-2011 conference: Context-aware mobile messages and from LBS-2011 conference: About expert system for Wi-Fi access points